Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mar 4, 2009

Why is diaper laundry so much less annoying than regular laundry? This happens to be the only picture I took today...interesting that we attended our first water association meeting today. And while I am proud to use cloth diapers because we contribute that much less waste to landfills, I now wonder about how much water I use to wash them...they take a LOT of rinsing to make sure I have all the detergent out. Our association president made a comment about 2/3 of the members not going over the allotted amount of water each month. I'll be interested to know if we fall into that category or not-with the cloth diaper washing, my OCD showering tendencies and the jungle outside that needs to be watered.

I don't know if cloth diapering, gardening and recycling makes me the crunchy green granola hippie I am in my head.

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