Friday, July 29, 2011


Maisie lost another tooth this week! Love her cute little smile and the lisp that she gets when she isn't paying attention! This one is also blamed on her brother. It was getting a bit loose, but then he bashed her in the teeth with a sippy cup and hastened the process considerably. Sheesh, kid! Maisie was delighted that the tooth fairy brought her a whole dollar!

Also this week, she has become an expert at riding her bike! So much so that Papa and Gogo got her a new BIG GIRL bike! It is fabulous, purple and pink with streamers and a basket! Brand new helmet, too. She's been doing a great job, just cruises around like she's been doing it forever! Calvin has also figured out his trike. He used to like to just scoot around on it, using his feet on the ground for forward motion. But he has gotten the pedaling down now! Papa and Gogo also bought him a new helmet-he had been using his sister's old one, but his noggin is a little too big, and it is a little too pink. His new one has little monsters on it. How appropriate.

Just a couple of days ago, Calixto left some apricots on our front walk. We exclaimed over them, brought them in, put them in paper bags. The next morning, I put a few in a bag for Mom. Calvin was watching, and asked, "Orange, MomMom?" I explained that it was an apricot. He repeated the word for me, did pretty good, too. Then he wanted to hold it. Upon complete examination of the new to him fruit, he proclaimed, "MomMom. Apricot. Have. Behind." You must pronounce it "BEEE hind." So true, and so observant.

Maisie and I are reading "Little House in the Big Woods" at night before bed. She is just listening right now, am hoping to get her to do some of the reading herself at some point. The other day we read about Laura and Mary watching Ma churn butter out of milk. The very next day Maisie happened to go on a dairy tour thru Quincy Rec and on the way home they made butter! Such great coincidental timing!!!

Calvin gets about 4 books a night, and depending on how much of a nap he got during the day, he will either act like he's going to sleep, and let us leave his room, close the door, and then rattle the door, turn on the light, and come out 20 times. OR. He will follow the command to roll over and cuddle in, and then say, "Get. Out. Mine. Room. MomMom.". Such sweet love. :)

Right now he is telling me stories while waiting for his milk. "Mom, bee poop on mine leg. Mom, bee poop on mine head. Mom, bee poop on mine head 'gain."

This past month Calvin has peed in his potty chair a handful of times. Would be nice to get that accomplished by summer's end...but I think it may be wishful dreaming.