Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random thoughts:

"Mommy? Can I please see the eyes in the back of your head?"
"Because they are under my hair. Only Mommies can see them, they just see you."
"But can't I just lift up your hair and check?"
Bwahahahahahaha! "NO."


Today the dog had to go outside because apparently she shouldn't eat catfood. (Ick.) And so I tied her to the stake. We got in the shower and she was barking like crazy and yipping when we got out. I must have said something about how obnoxious she was being out there, barking like that. Maisie said she'd go check on her, and was gone for a while. When she returned she informed me, "Lily wasn't obnoxious barking. She was stuck!"
Excellent (and quick return) use of the term obnoxious!

Last night Greg was reading Maisie her night night books and I heard him holler my name. When I went in, Maisie was pretend barfing over the side of the bed. The book was about farm animals. Apparently, while we have taught our children all the farm animals and what sounds they make, we never bothered to teach them what cuts of meat they provide. Maisie was a little horrified by the notion of cow=hamburger and pig=bacon. Oops. This is where vegetarians come from people. I remember. It happened to me, too!
27 May 2010

Calvin, blowing on his soup.

I'm not so sure that he's "blowing" on it, as much as he might be "sucking" at it....

But he DID know that it was hot and needed to be cooled down prior to eating it, because that was his bowl, and as soon as I put the soup in it, he started going through the motions here, it wasn't MY idea!
27 May 2010

Today we made cookies for Uncle Martin's very last care package before he returns from his deployment. This is Maisie's favorite part. Whenever we are cooking something we hear this: "Can I hold the eggs?" Hee! I have no idea why she likes to do it, but she likes to pick them out of the carton and hold them until it's time to use them.
25 May 2010

Maisie and her fellow preschoolers-their end of the year program and graduation of the 4 year olds.

On to Kindergarten! Although we are waiting to see who her classroom teacher will be, her music teacher happened to be at this program to see her grandson, so Maisie has been able to meet her twice already. :) (she also taught me to golf last summer!)
25 May 2010

Maisie and Mommy just before preschool graduation.

Wow. An entire year of preschool (plus last year's 1/2) behind us! Where does the time go?! She has learned so much in preschool, but my favorite part is that she LOVES it. She adores her teacher, and every day she asks how many more days of school she has left for the week, and then how many days until she gets to go again. I sure hope this continues! It's going to be a lot of counting days this summer until she gets to go to "big girl school"!!
25 May 2010

Maisie and Daddy on the evening of her preschool graduation.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

16 May 2010

This boy is trouble!!!

I guess he REALLY wanted into Maisie's room. The stool was pretty close to there, but he pushed it right up to her door and Greg caught him jiggling that doorknob like he meant business!

The picture with Lily was cuter when he was laying on her chest. She must not have been too impressed, she moved for the picture.

I do not know WHAT was back there. A ball? It was the second time today that he'd put his whole body into that particular cupboard. Strategically empty, of course. Used to hold all the breakfast cereal, now is just home to a few paper plates and napkins. For obvious reasons. Did I post the cocoa puffs picture? All. Over. The. Floor.
Open. Closed. Open. Closed. Maisie in. Open. Closed. Open. SLAM! OPEN! SLAM!!!

And, yes. In the last picture, Maisie is closed into the cupboard.

16 May 2010

Calvin woke up from his nap and joined us outside. He needed a graham cracker and some water. The graham cracker, he ate. The water, he wore.

I put these cute little flip flops on him! He WORE them! And WALKED in them!!! The only other pair of shoes besides Robeez that he's allowed on his feet without a tantrum.

15 May 2010

They weren't spraying the apple orchards around us, but near enough, because this guy was coming up directly over us! Calvin was NOT impressed. The poor boy hugged the dirt!

I'm torn beween my fascination and love of all airplanes and my suspicions of orchard and field spray surrounding my family.

Friday, May 14, 2010

14 May 2010

Improvement! I'm getting better at floral arranging. I obviously didn't pay enough attention when my Gramma did it, but I've stuffed enough flowers into vases in the last year that I think I'm getting a little better. I also took careful note when I was in Seattle with the girls at Pike Place Market-the lady held the tulips upside down and used a rubber band to hold them where she wanted them. Now why didn't I think of that!??? Oh, and two days later? NOTE TO SELF: No more peonies in the house. The stems are all naked, and we've been picking petals up off the counters and floors for two days! OUTSIDE FLOWER ONLY.

11 May 2010

Calvin. Toothpaste spelunking. Bummer this is a blurry picture. Nice face, though. Sheesh. Can you tell what he's saying? I'm pretty sure it's mostly attitude, but some of it might be that he does have a taste of toothpaste there...likes it though. Went back for more today. Twice.

9 May 2010

Playing with the Tonka at Papa and Gogo's house.

9 May 2010

Calvy loves ice cream. And provides neck hugs for Papa, who provided him w/ said ice cream.

29 April 2010

We took the kids to the Animal Fair at QHS. I missed out on taking pictures of Maisie with the baby pygmy goat, bummer because he was SO cute and she was SO in love with him!! But I managed to get a photo of her in a huge tractor tire!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

9 May 2010

Family!! :)