Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random thoughts:

"Mommy? Can I please see the eyes in the back of your head?"
"Because they are under my hair. Only Mommies can see them, they just see you."
"But can't I just lift up your hair and check?"
Bwahahahahahaha! "NO."


Today the dog had to go outside because apparently she shouldn't eat catfood. (Ick.) And so I tied her to the stake. We got in the shower and she was barking like crazy and yipping when we got out. I must have said something about how obnoxious she was being out there, barking like that. Maisie said she'd go check on her, and was gone for a while. When she returned she informed me, "Lily wasn't obnoxious barking. She was stuck!"
Excellent (and quick return) use of the term obnoxious!

Last night Greg was reading Maisie her night night books and I heard him holler my name. When I went in, Maisie was pretend barfing over the side of the bed. The book was about farm animals. Apparently, while we have taught our children all the farm animals and what sounds they make, we never bothered to teach them what cuts of meat they provide. Maisie was a little horrified by the notion of cow=hamburger and pig=bacon. Oops. This is where vegetarians come from people. I remember. It happened to me, too!

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