Saturday, July 31, 2010

31 July 2010

First thing I did for the new store was sort books at the old store. It was heaven. Apparently I was being too picky, and we need more books than I was going to wind up with by being so anal, so some re-sorting happened. Today I put the signs together for the new store: Second Hand Prose, New Edition. Opens Mid-Sept.

Whoop!!! Greg has been working on our website and procuring books from around the state! Will have to go on a trip in a bookmobile here, soon. Tomorrow we start moving shelves to the new place. I say "we" but I don't think I have to help. Whew.

30 July 2010

And then she got 2 loose teeth and turned into a grump! YIKES.

28 July 2010


27 July 2010

Enjoying these moments, they won't last much longer!

24 July 2010

Just as impressed with the nice grass!

24 July 2010

Calvin was obsessed with the tent! He'd just come flying out of it in this picture, I think. Was having SUCH a blast in the empty tent, it was hilarious!

24 July 2010

Girls only! :)

24 July 2010

Relay for Life. Squackers and Company.

24 July 2010

Maddie has 6 months (and 6 inches!) on Maisie.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

14 July 2010

Do NOT leave the naughty boy alone with toilet paper.

This is his second offense of this nature.
9 July 2010

Ah Calvin.

This boy is fascinated by fans. Thanks Papa!!

Ceiling fans. Table fans. And these REALLY BIG FANS ON HILLS!!!

We stopped in Madras to have lunch, and while we waited for a table (which we never got, by the way...)Greg had to carry Calvin away from the middle of the dining room, where he was blowing at the ceiling fan. Which was located OVER THE DINERS!

When we got to Dave and Charika's house, they had the ceiling fans on in all the bedrooms. Calvin ran from room to room blowing on the fans from the doorway!

On the way home he worked on the windmills!

9 July 2010

Maisie's car art---we did lots of fun stuff with the white board all the way to California and back! This was my favorite-Maisie demanded to listen to one particular song on her CD a few times, and then showed us that she had drawn this to depict what she heard.

7 July 2010

Our last day in California, after a wonderful trip!

Maisie and Calvin

Matty and Thomas

Jack and Kristin

Happy cousins!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ahhh...the sand!

Calvin was happy for most of the morning, being the littlest guy and having to spend much time in his stroller! After a while he was ready to GET OUT of it! So Greg decided to take the boy down to the sand. Great decision. He LOVED it. He let it fall through his hands, he tossed it in the air, let it fall on his head, dropped it on his legs, he rubbed it in his eyes...and he loved the water-he didn't swim-too cold! But it sure was fun to run from it!

Maisie and Thomas on the free fall! Maisie loves rides! That's my girl!!! She even rode the log ride with Greg-I wouldn't. It was NOT hot outside, and that's a "get wet" ride! But I was impressed that she insisted on riding it.
Maisie INSISTED on riding these kiddie rides alone! (no problem. Greg and I were too tall!) Although she displayed VERY good behavior during our trip (except for after fireworks. our fault. we forgot to tell her she could fall asleep, but had to wake up nice) we still thought it was pretty funny that she chose the boat that was named "Crabster". LOL!
Calvy. Happy in the backpack!
3 July 2010

Greg and the kids reading about the Sundial Bridge. Redding, CA.

3 July 2010

Headed to California! As we departed Klamath Falls, our day 1 destination (we KNEW both kids in the car for one very long day of driving wasn't going to do the trick, so we split the drive into two-stopping in KFalls at a hotel with a pool. Maisie wore herself out swimming!) we texted Susan. She and the fam had departed the same day as us-we thought they were leaving the day after! So we wound up arriving in Redding just moments apart! We met at this bridge, the Sundial Bridge. Took a walk across, let the kids run around (poor Calvin, trapped in a backpack!) and ate lunch before caravanning the rest of the trip to Morgan Hill. This was a very nice bridge-white. Showed EVERY spider web and spider. Eek. Not Greg's favorite. :)
26 June 2010

This is a new pose. He thinks it's do I!

26 June 2010

A nice hot day, finally! We busted out the slip and slide early, and the kids had a blast!