Monday, November 21, 2011

21 Nov 2011

Yesterday "bla" became "banaynay".

Calvin has become quite focused on our wood stove. He would really really love to make a fire at any time during the day! I am not really certain what Greg has let him help with, since I am never downstairs during the fire making, but Calvin was very involved with picking out which wood papa should put on HIS fire next, yesterday. He picked all the "good woods" out of the tub and piled them up directly in front of the stove. No, we couldn't open the door to put them in. Ha! He even carried a log or two around the family room with him a couple times. I felt neglectful, like I'd never offered the child a stuffed animal! He played with his two big woods and his one little wood for a while at the store today, and when I was closing, I couldn't find my little wooden doorstop...sure enough, it was in his shopping cart!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

5 Nov 2011

For as long as Calvin has been telling me that he wants to eat, getting an exact pronunciation of what he wants to eat is still a struggle!

Tonight he asked for a banana. It still comes out "bla".

When he wants orange juice, "oonge oonge" is what he says.

And of course, "choc" is chocolate milk. Although when we are at the bookstore, and he's in begging mode, he says "chloclate".

The kids were at Papa and Gogo's house last night, so no night night books here. Tonight Calvin was able to recite all of his "Puppies at Play" book to me!!!

Maisie's evening wasn't so charming. She fell asleep on the couch and turned into the Tasmanian devil when we brought her up to get jammies on. I am certain she was asleep with her eyes open the first 10 minutes or so. Pointing and screaming at the floor. Yikes. Then it got worse!! Whoa! Finally she passed out. Am positive that tomorrow she will have no recollection of what happened.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 Nov 2011

Calvin cleans his ears with "two-tips."

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2 Nov 11

All of a sudden it's November! Eeeeek! Maisie has conferences next week-half days. The children may pull each other limb from limb locked in the bookstore together that long each day. I may go insane.

One of Calvin's favorite books right now is a Sandra Boynton book. And he has parts of it memorized. On the way to town this morning he was reciting: "No, no, you say! That isn't right! The pigs say OINK OINK all day and night!". Tonight when i picked up the 4th book ( we have to have a limit) I held it up for him to see, and he yelled, "Old Hat, New Hat!". He's got a lot of titles figured out!!

Just about every day at the bookstore, Calvin drags around four pieces of wood. 2x2s i think, two are 2 feet long and two are 1 foot long. Well, on Halloween Papa sawed one into a door stop, so now Calvin has "two big woods and one little wood". Usually he stands them on end then tries to plow his shopping cart between them without knocking them over. Sometimes he builds bridges, other times he adds to his train tracks. Recently he has taken up bowling. He sets them on end, over near the door (GREAT) and then hurls one or more of the balls we have lying around the store. Soccer ball. Soft ball. (eeeek) a big plastic orange ball. And this little red one that is actually really light and generally harmless. Today they had been around, and they had been most recently "the load" for his Tonka truck. Calvin's favorite customer was in this morning, and he told her he was bowling with them. When my favorite customer came in this evening, he was dragging around "the woods" yelling (yes yelling. LONG DAY) at me to _______ his woods!! Unintelligible. I could not figure out what he was wanting me to do, which was making him mad and me crazy! Plus, I was trying to chat with my customer, and my computer was not working! Then he yelled again for me to ______ his woods! My customer looked at me and said, "is he 3?". In January, I said. She said, "my grandkid is three. I understand his language. What are you saying Calvin?". He repeated, and she said, "I think he's saying. 'Kiss my woods.' Jeez. Men are trying that younger and younger, aren't they!?". Bwahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!