Saturday, November 5, 2011

5 Nov 2011

For as long as Calvin has been telling me that he wants to eat, getting an exact pronunciation of what he wants to eat is still a struggle!

Tonight he asked for a banana. It still comes out "bla".

When he wants orange juice, "oonge oonge" is what he says.

And of course, "choc" is chocolate milk. Although when we are at the bookstore, and he's in begging mode, he says "chloclate".

The kids were at Papa and Gogo's house last night, so no night night books here. Tonight Calvin was able to recite all of his "Puppies at Play" book to me!!!

Maisie's evening wasn't so charming. She fell asleep on the couch and turned into the Tasmanian devil when we brought her up to get jammies on. I am certain she was asleep with her eyes open the first 10 minutes or so. Pointing and screaming at the floor. Yikes. Then it got worse!! Whoa! Finally she passed out. Am positive that tomorrow she will have no recollection of what happened.

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