Monday, November 21, 2011

21 Nov 2011

Yesterday "bla" became "banaynay".

Calvin has become quite focused on our wood stove. He would really really love to make a fire at any time during the day! I am not really certain what Greg has let him help with, since I am never downstairs during the fire making, but Calvin was very involved with picking out which wood papa should put on HIS fire next, yesterday. He picked all the "good woods" out of the tub and piled them up directly in front of the stove. No, we couldn't open the door to put them in. Ha! He even carried a log or two around the family room with him a couple times. I felt neglectful, like I'd never offered the child a stuffed animal! He played with his two big woods and his one little wood for a while at the store today, and when I was closing, I couldn't find my little wooden doorstop...sure enough, it was in his shopping cart!

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