Tuesday, March 27, 2012

27 mar 2012

This morning Calvin is eating his breakfast while yelling/singing at the top of his lungs: "Peanut jutter jelly with a baseball bat!". This is some crazy nonsense song Greg either made up when Maisie was little, or heard somewhere and repeated when she was little. It's been around the Beckers for a while. He's having trouble making it peanut Butter jelly. I laugh with him and he yells it again!! Finally I told him he's a silly goose and he said, "no I not. Gooses are at Papa's house!". Meaning BonneyFarm, of course!! :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

25 March 2012

And "banaynay" has become "banana" from Calvin.  He does still ask for a "moooovie" in the morning, which is a "smoothie" and may or may not have banaynays or Sponge Bob in it.  :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

22 March 2012

Greg is in Semiahmoo at a WACA conference this week.  Single parenting is not that fun.  :(  Calvy keeps asking where Daddy is.  Maisie keeps asking what day it is and what day Daddy is coming home!

Of course this week I had an evening meeting, so Gogo took Maisie to piano yesterday and then took both kids home to feed, bathe and put to bed!  When I got home Maisie bolted out of her room looking for the "catcorn".  This is a magical fabric bag of corn kernels that we nuke for 5 minutes and then put on our toes in bed to warm us up!  She put it in the microwave herself, and when I noticed her just standing there, she was READING A CHAPTER BOOK!  Yay!  Making good use of down time!  I'm so thrilled with that!  She has been reading a LOT, she is in a high reading group at school, her writing is fantastic, but I have been wanting her to step up her reading challenges lately...seems like she prefers the shorter easier books when I know she could read a chapter book and be interested.  We have tried to kill TV during the week.  We have acquiesced to "shark shows"-really it was discovery shows but she seems to like programs on sharks, so that is what she can sneak in during the week if she's done with homework.  Last night I'd forgotten the ipad at the store, and she happened to get her hands on a Nate the Great book at the library, which she seems to love.  She read at the microwave, she hopped into her bed and was reading!  I told her I'd come back and read with her when I got out of the shower, but she'd fallen asleep with the book on her face.  Woo-hoo!  So proud of my Maise-a-Roo!

Calvin EATS.
Calvin SLEEPS.

This morning it snowed!  Calvin drank his milk, then he ate some cheerios.  Then he went outside and played with Lily in the snow for an hour.  When he came back in he ate a banana and begged for graham crackers I was using to make snacks.  Then he came to my room where I was getting ready and begged for a "moovie" (smoothie).  When we got to the store an hour later, he ate his lunch.  Then he tried to eat mine.  Then he tried for Maisie's afterschool snack.  Finally the little stinker fell asleep!

We need to measure him.  He must be growing like a weed.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

17 Mar 2012

It has been way too long since I wrote anything down!

Calvin in changing so much!  He is getting so big and so wordy!

Last night I made a new recipe with some salsa I've never bought before.  We ate and ate and ate!  Calvin asked for more water twice.  Then he asked, "Why my mouth on fire?"  I tried to get him to eat one more bite of chicken and he pointed out that it was too "sicy" so he was done.  :)

This was actually taken last week at Mom and Martin's Birthday dinner-Calvin is eating dessert here.  Mom always wants Angel Food cake because she loves it!  (I made it.  It was ugly.  But they were happy.:)

Speaking of our Birthday Peeps!  Happy Birthday Mom and Martin!!

Miss Maisie had a little production at school this week-she and her friend Kate were twin Lady Libertys.  They read in tandem, telling us all about the fine details of the Statue of Liberty!