Saturday, July 10, 2010

3 July 2010

Headed to California! As we departed Klamath Falls, our day 1 destination (we KNEW both kids in the car for one very long day of driving wasn't going to do the trick, so we split the drive into two-stopping in KFalls at a hotel with a pool. Maisie wore herself out swimming!) we texted Susan. She and the fam had departed the same day as us-we thought they were leaving the day after! So we wound up arriving in Redding just moments apart! We met at this bridge, the Sundial Bridge. Took a walk across, let the kids run around (poor Calvin, trapped in a backpack!) and ate lunch before caravanning the rest of the trip to Morgan Hill. This was a very nice bridge-white. Showed EVERY spider web and spider. Eek. Not Greg's favorite. :)

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