Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mar 28, 2009

Greg took this one. :)

Katie and her kids have a dance party every night in their kitchen--crank up the party tunes and get your groove on!

Anyone passing our house and hearing the music last night probably would not have expected to see 36 through 40 year olds plus a handful of children doo-wopping on the tile floor in the kitchen.

Maisie seemed a little confused or surprised, having rarely seen me dancing around and singing (ok, lip syncing, I have full blown laryngitis or something--very little voice) into a micro spoon. But she joined right in! And she LOVED dancing with Katie when she wasn't dancing with me. She watched Katie and Emma like a hawk, and demanded to copy whatever fancy move Emma did with Katie. I think Cheryl got video, and although some of it may be terrifying, some footage of the little girls will probably be good. Or at least blackmail worthy!

Not so sure I need to see the BIG GIRLS belting out Dancing Queen into spoons...

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