Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mar 27, 2009

Maisie, Maddie and Camille. A few of our little Squacklet girls.

Beckers4 spent a long weekend down in SunRiver OR with my girlfriends from college--officially known as Squackers. Our children are Squacklets and our husbands are Squackos. Just wanted to clarify that for those of you who might have had question marks in your conversation bubble.

I'm not exactly sure what the girls were doing here, but Maisie and Camille had dragged their sleeping bags out into the living room, procured some extra pillows, and demanded popcorn. Maddie was a late joiner, having been out perfecting some diving moves in the hot tub, I believe. So her sleeping bag actually never made an appearance in the living room (maybe her Mommy was watching more carefully....)but she did join in the popcorn eating and the make believe that was going on there.

So cute. I love watching these friendships forming, and hope that they can be lifelong friends like their Mommies are. These three are all within 5 months in age.

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