Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5 may 2011

Gosh I scarcely know where to begin! It's been so long since I posted anything. And I am certain I'm not going to enjoy this as much without pictures....but I don't want to leave too big a gap without saying anything!

We just celebrated Maisie's SIXTH birthday! Six! How did it happen? I cannot believe my baby is six. She is doing super awesome in school, and still having a great time there-I cannot believe how wonderfully she is doing in reading! It seems we were just sounding out two and three letter words, and now she reads a whole page of a story three times for practice!! Finished up spring soccer, brrrr! Still taking piano lessons from Mrs Wilfong and doing fabulously!!

Calvin is developing by leaps and bounds. He is putting sentences together, which is so amazing. Today he fell asleep on the way to the bookstore, and slept on my shoulder to
his bed and continued to sleep until 2 pm. Yeah, that's a 4 hour nap. Oh, maybe because he woke up at 5!!! So when he woke up, his dipe had soaked through to his jeans. So I put a pair of shorts over his new diaper-I figured better bare legs than wet jeans touching the skin. But the shorts are too big. So for the next two hours I heard: "pants. fall. down. Mom mom.". Hahahahhaa!!!

Dad had called this morning to invite Maisie over to BonneyFarm to inspect the new baby goslings. So when it was time for Greg to pick up Calv, mom and I tried to get him to tell Greg what he waited to do. With help, we got: "four baby geese daddy". :)

I still want to leave calvin's hair as it is (pretty curly) and Greg is starting to insist on a haircut. Boohoo! I don't want to lose the curls!! And we've been teasing for so long that Calvin will answer "No!" when Dad or Greg asks if he wants a haircut! Too cute.

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