Sunday, May 8, 2011

8 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

Mom and Dad kept the kids last night so we could go to the play at Masquer's, and then again today after church so we could work in the yard before dinner at their house. Got our tomato plants in, still have replanting to do since my first attempt croaked. Gah.

Today at church I was holding Marti and Randall's grand baby, and before I knew it, Calv was standing in front of me saying, "hold baby. Hold baby!". He wanted to hold Wyatt so badly! So Florie held Calvin and then I held Wyatt on Calvin's lap. So cute!! After we got Wyatt away from him, he sat by Kate and winked at her!!! Ack!

Apparently this morning at Mom and Dad's, Calv pointed to Gramma 'Raine's paintings and said "Game paint.". He's right! They were painted by Gramma 'Raine! Ha! He also pushed mom out of the front chair at the store the other day to make room for "Game". I like that name!

Maisie gave me a fantastic card she made for Mother's day and a magnet for the fridge. Also a beautiful pink miniature rose that smells awesome! Thanks my big girl!! I love you!

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