Saturday, May 14, 2011

14 May 2011

Maisie lost another tooth! This one was a little unexpected. She's been saying she has loose teeth, but they havent been too wiggly. Tonight Greg is chaperoning prom in ML, so the kids and I went to papa and go go's for dinner after I closed the store. Nice relaxing evening-have dinner, give kids a bath, put them in jammies, drive home and hopefully toss sleeping children into their respective beds. After the bath, just as we were prepping dessert, Maisie started wailing. Really. New York heard her. Calvin was holding his head, so dad and I tried to figure out who was hurt worse- turns out Maisie was bleeding. From her mouth. (above my foreign rug!). So I picked her up, hauled her into the bathroom, and she is still shrieking about her mouth. I open it up, and she is missing one of her front teeth!!! Ack! Kind of shocking when I hadnt even seen it wiggle yet, not to mention in the craziness of the moment, I couldn't remember if she'd already lost her uppers or lowers! Turns out, that tooth WAS loose, and not a permanent tooth. Mom found it out on the rug, brought it in, and we tried to calm Maisie down. Whoa. So traumatic!

On the drive home, had to wait for a train, and Calvin says as the end passes by: "bye bye chugga choo choo train!"

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