Thursday, May 5, 2011

5 may 2011

Tonight we heard the first truly complete sentence from Calvin. "Is sissy nake, too?". Probably requires a little background info...

Our house has a nice long slate floor hallway-a straight shot from our bedroom to the kitchen. The kids always bathe in our shower. Greg almost always does bath duty, while I finish kitchen duty. Recently Calvin has started busting free from his towel and tearing down the hall completely birthday suited, and then stops short at the edge of the kitchen, plants his feet, throws up his arms, and yells, "I'm NAKE!". Then he turns and hightails it back to the bedroom to get his jammies on, although by the screaming usually going on, not entirely willingly. -side note, when Maisie was smaller, she frequently made Greg carry her in her towel to wherever I was to say hi.

So tonight when Calv asked if sissy was also nake, we had a pretty good giggle. :). Just because YOU'RE naked....ha!

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