Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to my littlest guy! I can't believe how quickly time flies, it seems we just had him in the hospital for jaundice under the blue lights, and here we are all healthy, eating Sponge Bob Cake to celebrate! We had a wonderful weekend, of course it went too quickly. I guess that's the bummer about working on Saturdays, I miss a whole day with my family. Saturday Greg baked the cake for me, and Saturday night I turned it into Sponge Bob Square Pants (Bah-Bunge in Calvin-ese). Sunday after church Mom and Dad and Gramm 'Raine and eventually Martin came out and we had Calvin's birthday dinner and cake and ice cream. We did presents first, since he didn't really want to nap, and I didn't want him to melt. He did wind up taking a little snoozer on the couch with Papa. All in all a great birthday celebration!! Happy Birthday, little guy!!

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