Saturday, April 4, 2009

April 4, 2009

Calvin shows off his cute fluffy heinie! This is one of my favorite diapers--love the stripes!

We actually worked outside all day, and what I should have posted here today is a picture of Maisie. But we didn't get a good one. She was FILTHY. At first, just dusty. Then she and Greg thought it would be a good idea to add water to the mix. So she filled and refilled her Home Depot bucket with water, and poured it into our nice dusty driveway in the backyard. Then she rolled up her pants, took off her shoes, and danced in it! When we were playing in the yard later, she looked up at me and asked, "What's on my face, Momma?" MUD! Lots of it.

I planted some of my garden today...this is a completely different ballgame. My garden in the Gig was miniscule. Literally, my garden there could have probably been covered up by parking my new minivan on it! Now I have a parking lot! When Greg wandered over after I planted a row and asked what I'd planted, I told him "Radishes" and he about fell over. Claims he's never eaten an entire row of radishes in his LIFE! :) It's time, Baby, it's time! Maisie helped me with the purple radishes and with the carrots. But...mostly she just loves running around in the freshly tilled dirt. She did VERY well to not step on the part that was already planted, though.

Greg mowed our lawn! Beautiful!

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