Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1, 2009

My sweet sleeping burrito baby. He's actually not wrapped as tightly here as he sometimes is...I wrapped him before I fed him, and after a little jostling around he gets loosened up a bit. Greg can wrap him up REALLY tightly! You can almost hold him horizontally by his legs! Some of our family and friends think we might be wrapping him up too tightly or too frequently-but honestly, if he's got a dry diaper on, he's been fed and burped, and is sleepy...he cries because he WANTS to be wrapped up! He's comfy in there, I promise!

We used this miracle blanket on Maisie, too. She slept like a burrito even after she outgrew the blanket. We just wrapped her up in it with her legs sticking out!

So I put him in his bassinette, and he's still asleep. Here's to hoping....

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