Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28, 2009

Yikes. Another day of no picture taking, so I'm cheating. :)

Maisie and Calvin and I came home this evening before Greg--he was judging senior projects and I showed some homes in Ephrata today--so Maisie and Calvin got clean and we all wound up in my bed again for books! Now I'm all cozy (alone now) and catching up on my reality TV fix that I still watch on the internet.

Was a long day, started off by the gravel truck being over an hour early-Dad was planning to be here to catch him and tell him where to drive and where to drop the gravel, but the guy was so early, I wound up doing it. In my jammies! Then Mommy forgot about preschool! This was the first time I'd done that! Dad came at 9:30 and saw Maise and said, "No school today?" My jaw about hit the floor, I couldn't believe I forgot!! So I just took her in late, it wasn't a huge deal. We were getting her shoes and coat off and I could hear her teacher saying, "Reese, you are number one, Gabriel number two......and Maisie will be number eight when she gets in here. Maisie, are you coming?" And that was it. Maisie was number eight and I was out the door!

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