Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27, 2009

This is where Calvin sleeps. Maisie got kicked out of our room at about 3 months. She was a really noisy sleeper! I won't call it snoring, but she was doing something noisy! Calvin snorks and snorfels in his waking hours, but generally he is pretty quiet at night. Also, now that we live in the farm house, the "nursery" is further down the hall than it was in the house in the Gig. I'm a little more reluctant to put him "down the hall"--as in the Gig it was merely "across the hall".

And....well...his room isn't quite finished. There's still that big rectangular space of bare concrete we must deal with!

He's slept through the night several times....although sometimes I have to drag him out of his basinette and feed him--which he is able to pretty much do while in a sleeping state. He does go right back to sleep. So for that, it's easier to have him in the room with us, still.

So...I he sleeping in our room for MY sake or his...

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