Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29, 2009

Tonight we had dinner at MomandDad's. After a long day of canning. ("jarring" I decided) Greg came in this morning after running around with Iris and told me that he'd seen a couple of tomatoes in the garden. A couple HUNDRED. So I went out and took a look, called Mom to make sure her pressure cooker was available, and we canned another 14 quarts of tomatoes, plus we tried a little experiment of tomato sauce.

Got a nice photo of everyone before we left. It sure has been nice having Dianne here for the past week!!

Enjoy it. It's the last photo my computer will accept. Number 9999. Camera and computer don't know how to function past #9999. I will concede that it's probably operator error. But until I get it figured out, I can't put anymore photos on here, or it will start erasing old ones. Good times. Gotta love technology.


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