Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 25, 2009

Maisie asked all day for a "tea set". She already HAD the tea set, but we had a tea party! (YES, that's a nutri-grain bar! don't judge! I'm a busy mommy! We'll be making cookies in the next few days!)

And what a cute new little hairdo she has! She's been trying to grow it out, but it's frustrating for all of us! It seemed that her bangs were never going to catch up to the sides and back! Since we are going swimming at the beach next week, Gogo suggested it would be easier and nice for her to have super short hair so her hair wouldn't be in her eyes for swimming and so that she wouldn't wake up with tangles. She agreed! So Gogo took her to get her hair cut, and did it turn out fabulous!!!

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