Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 19, 2009

Today was "pay it forward" with plants day. :) Since Gramma 'Raine brings me more iris every week (shhh...don't tell Greg!), when some friends needed "a few things" to fill in their yard, we obliged!

We shared phlox, chrysanthemums, columbine, day lilies, some unidentifiable (by me) ground cover, a little decorative grass, and two irises for good measure! Oops! We forgot the Hens and Chicks!

Calvin followed us around in his cadillac stroller and Maisie helped by entertaining him when he needed it.

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  1. Wished you live near me. I could use some of that in the front. We have HUGE trees in the front that provide alot of shade. Hostas are the only thing that I know of that like shade. Enjoy your day of gardening.