Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009

Our friend, the fan. Goodness, it's hot.

Calvin and Maisie are having trouble getting to bed, it's so hot. Calvin has been going to sleep on his own--I put him to bed on his tummy when he's drowsy and he will put himself to sleep. But in this crazy hot weather, he's having some trouble. :( Maisie has ditched all jammies and lays on top of her bed. Both have fans--we close the windows when they go to bed, but yikes....SO hot. more unsupervised Calvin on the bed. I went to another room to put away a pile of laundry and heard a "thump". Calvin, whom I'd left on his back in the middle of my bed, was on his tummy on the floor! :( He cried a little, I ran him out to Greg to do a pupil check, but he had quit crying already and he didn't hit his head, anyway, since he'd fallen on his front. Poor thing!! BAD MOMMY.

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