Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 24, 2009

Maisie has been enjoying her first swimming lessons in the Quincy pool. We missed sessions one and two, but have gotten her into 3 and 4. She is such a little fish! She did such a great job for the last two weeks-she learned to do the back stroke (which is hard for an adult! let alone a little kid!) and learned to flip from back floating to floating on her front. She is getting started on the crawl (we call it chicken wings, though!) and she even jumped off the lifeguard chair. The Quincy pool lacks diving boards. This picture was taken on "play day" which is the last day of swimming lessons. When we go to the water park, she has to go down the slides on our laps. During swimming lesson play day, she was allowed to go down all by herself! She was SO excited, she went down twice! ??? She and her classmate preferred to play in the regular pool with an inner tube. Ok. :) So next week she is on to the next level. Good work, Maise!

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