Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12, 2009

HOW IS IT THE MIDDLE OF JULY????? Whoa. Time goes by SO quickly!

Dad and Mom came over after church today. Dad is still working on the 2nd shop bay, and Mom helped me in the yard. Greg and Maisie went to Moses Lake to school to work on his room.

I found this lily when I was wandering around changing the water--it's kind of hiding behind the old willow stump. VERY pretty! :) Mom and I worked on the west Iris bed. Mom ripped out about a million weeds again (yes, this is the second time we've worked on this bed) and when we were finished I was able to plant the rest of the irises I got from Gramma's yard. There were about 6 left, and I also transplanted one that is going to be nearly homeless when we get to put our fence up.

So it was HOT all day. We were sweaty and gross! But tonight, the wind is WHIPPING!! I had to run outside in my jammies to rescue Maisie's pool (I emptied it today and then left it upside down on the lawn to dry) and her slip and slide! They had already made their way to the newly weeded flower bed!

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