Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jan 3 2009
Today was another fabulous day of sledding for Maisie. It was cccccold outside! But her cousins came up to Papa and Gogo's house to sled with her, and they must have gone up and down the hill 20 times! Then they came in for a rest, to thaw, (and hot chocolate and a little screen time) and then went another 20 times! What a blast! After the cousins went home, Maisie and I were getting ready to go--what does Gogo do? After the girls have packed down the snow and made the luge track nice and icy and prepped--Gogo puts on her snowsuit and hat and takes a couple of runs all by herself! Nice!

My camera battery died, and all I got was a picture of this icicle.

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