Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jan 1 2009
My new project is to take a photo to archive every day this year. So at the end of 2009 we can see glimpses into what daily life really was in 2009. Not just the fun stuff when we are certain to drag out the camera. I'm not certain every one will have a story...but after today's first photo shoot, I'm glad I still have a camera to shoot with! I took this shot of a cornice on the north end of the shed. I like the photo, but thought I'd try another from directly beneath. So I backed up about 5 feet and stood under it--got dripped on. So I moved about 2 feet back and then put the Canon to my eye, looked up, and about 6 feetx1 foot of cornice fell on top of me--camera, down my shirt, down my neck...Brrrr!!!! And my poor, poor Canon! So I started running for the house, screaming for Greg and brushing the snow off my camera. I thought if he happened to be looking out the window, he'd probably peed his pants in laughter already. Alas, he had not seen or heard a thing. Only when I blew in the door with my snow covered camera did he look at me, exclaim over the camera, snatch it from my hands, start pulling it apart, and then ask if I was ok. Didn't hurt ME at all, and the camera still seems to work. Whew.

This photo has significance to me because I had forgotten what it's like to live in eastern WA. Winter. Whoa. We've had so much snow since the middle of December, and our plans to drive to Gig Harbor to visit Greg's family, or to visit our friends in Seattle keep being thwarted by snow on the pass! There is a LOT of snow in our yard right now, Greg did more shoveling today...

Project started.

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