Thursday, October 27, 2011


Today while I changed his pants at the store, Calvin noted that his pee pee "has a crack in it." Then he suggested he might need to buy a new one! I try not to laugh, but it is so difficult!

While we are at the store, we have any number of books to read. He has found in the last month, a couple of Dora the Explorer books. What I love is that he brings them to me and then asks, "Mom! Read this book at me!". So I guess it's more like a demand than a request!

He has another favorite called puppies at play, or something similar. There is one picture that cracks him up. Every. Time. Hahaha! Last night we brought it home and he "read" it to us. Adorable.

I will ask Calvin if he is a boy or a bear. He says "boy" and then I ask what a boy says. "hi", and he waves. Then I ask what a bear says, and he roars and claws with his hand!

Maisie has the best Halloween costume ever! Ari made it from one of my old prom dresses, into Little Bo Peep. Soooooo cute! She has a classmate's party tomorrow, then t or t in Ephrata businesses on mon afternoon, and then t or t at Greg's school. Calvin is a cute little cowboy, complete with orange pop guns. Eek. But I could not deny the little doll any longer.

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