Saturday, August 21, 2010

After a day in the sand. He ate some, I'm pretty sure. (I didn't SEE it come out...however, later in the week I DID see a UPC sticker come out. Yikes!)

Mmmmm....blueberry waffles! Did he eat ANY of it?

Ready. Set. GO!!! (run run run run run)---and yes, that's Mommy behind the camera...still not sure which setting to use, or why it switches settings on it's own...

Playing with Papa's stereo relic. (that's a "naughty", in case you wondered.)

7-15 August

Just a few things Calvin does. Some naughty. Some cute.

He gets in the shower WITH clothes on. (well, SOME clothes. we were in the process of getting showered and ready to go. Maisie was still in there, and he decided to go BACK in.)

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