Saturday, April 24, 2010

22 April 2010

My little Maisie girl has turned 5! I think she was staring intently at her cake...maybe the candles in this shot. She was exhausted...always gets worn out after a day of school and then running around like mad at Papa and Gogo's house!

Greg and I were discussing how quickly Maisie's 5 years have flown by--seems that we were just in the hospital having her. Her nicknames have evolved, I like to write them down every now and then to see where they've gotten to...

I started her off with:
Pumpkin Pie. (Mom thought she was too teeny to be a whole pie, thought maybe more like a pie slice, hee! That didn't stick, though.)
Punkin Pie.
Pie Girl.
Maisie Daisy.
Maisie Girl.
Maisie McGirlacutti.

We had a birthday party at our house today, it was fun! Had a few friends from school and the family. We found a bounce house to play in, the kids (and adults!) loved it, and I think everyone is sufficiently worn out! (pictures to follow)

I cannot believe Maisie starts kindergarten next fall. Talk about terrifying. I cannot believe it. We've registered, and this week we have orientation. Oh MY. Preschool has been wonderful and fun, but I'm having a hard time believing it's time to send my little girl to BIG GIRL SCHOOL! (and every week she asks if it's time to go to big girl school yet.)

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