Thursday, March 11, 2010

11 March 2010

Yes, we are naughty.
No, he didn't drink the beer.

He doesn't need it after a looooong day for a little guy! Taking Maisie to school at 11:45 and going to pick her up at 2:15 is wreaking havoc on poor Calvin's napping schedule. He would MUCH rather be napping at both of those times! So I try to get him to take a quick morning nap, and then sleep while we are home and Maisie is in school, but today we went to the store instead of coming home. Then when we got home, we ate, went to pick up Maisie, and then the kids went to Kelly's while I went to work. By dinner time, Calvin could barely keep his eyes open! He perks up quite well to take a bath, this kid LOVES the bathtub! The floor is usually a swimming pool by the time he's done splashing around-he puts his face right down into the water to blow bubbles like sister. After his bath we've learned to put the bottle in his mouth WHILE we dress him, or he howls. A quick finish on the bottle, a couple of loves and squeezes, turn on the fishy music in his bed, and he leans in to be put into his crib! G-night little guy!

On a side note-I would love to be reading night night books to the boy, but our nighttime routine is so firm and has to happen so fast due to what time we get home from work and what time he needs to be sleeping, that there isn't TIME to read night night books before he's out! :( By this age, Maisie had been read thousands of night night books!

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