Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 18, 2009

Today was also the Christmas program at the preschool. Maisie had been VERY excited to be Mary, and her friend Chloe was going to be the ANGEL! (and she was gonna FLY--but that's another story. :) So we all trooped into the church, the kids ran around and had a ball, then they all disappeared upstairs to get their costumes on. Came down the aisle ringing their bells, got into their positions. Mrs. Main read the script, Maisie/Mary knocked on the Inn door, was told there was NO ROOM! and so she walked over to the baby bassinette and....covered her face. For the rest of they play. She pulled that blue headscarf over her face and would not look out. I'm not sure where Maisie the shy girl came from! She did uncover a little to sing. They all did a great job, it was such a cute program!!

After the play I asked Mrs. Main if Maisie is shy and/or quiet in school and she said, "No. She is not." :)

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