Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4, 2009

Calvin hung out in his high chair while I made dinner tonight, Maisie was in the tub scrubbing the mud and dirt off. He's a little short yet, sometimes only his eyes peek out over the tray of his high chair...tonight he had company, his mini crinkapillar was entertaining him and kept him happy for a good 20 minutes before Greg had to rescue him!

Today I declared war on the weeds in the tomato portion of my garden. I put newspaper down and then the old compost dirt over that. I had to have help, since the wind picked up after I'd done about 1/4 of it, and newspaper was blowing all around. I asked Maisie to stand on the edges of the newspaper but she insisted on laying down on them. So then I had to wiggle the "food dirt" in over the top of her and around her. Food dirt? That's Maisie's term for the compost. Since she takes our compost bucket out to the compost heap every once in a while, she knows that the dirt there is made up of food: Food dirt.

After we put both kids in bed tonight, I was walking down the hall and saw this sunset through the bedroom window!

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