Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 25, 2009

Maisie wanted to help feed Calvin!

I'm so totally frustrated by breastfeeding. It's crazy how something that is supposed to be SO natural can be SO difficult.

Calvin had seemed really hungry, very frequently for several weeks, and his doctor was unimpressed by his weight gain. He is still under the percentiles for children his age--he's created his own percentile--he's gaining and he's gaining steadily, just slowly. So because I feel like Calvin is always always hungry, I wondered if my milk is not giving him what he needs. I don't think he should need to nurse that frequently. So since we've started giving him formula, he seems like a different kid. He's sooo happy! I did have my TSH tested, and I think the results show it's pretty normal--within normal range. So maybe I just make skim milk, and Calvin wants whole. I don't know. It's frustrating. He's still nursing many times a day, but he's also drinking plenty of formula.

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